Easy Scrunchie Hairstyles

5 Easy Scrunchie Hairstyles for Busy Moms

Here’s the thing–you’re a busy mom. And if mornings feel more like a massive sprint than a stroll and your hair routine is as rare as a unicorn, we've got your back. *Insert scrunchies* the ultimate hair accessory savior for moms.

In this mane-changing guide, we're spilling the tea on five ridiculously easy scrunchie hairstyles designed to turn chaos into an effortlessly chic look. Keep on scrollin’ mama, you need to see these easy scrunchie hairstyles.

1. The Messy Low Bun

Photo credit: Julie Hocke

There’s a reason the messy bun stands out as a staple hairstyle for moms–it’s easy, practical, and oh-so cute. Picture this: you need a quick transformation from a hectic day chasing toddlers around to an effortlessly chic look for girls’ night out. With just a scrunchie and a few loose strands framing the face, this versatile hairstyle not only radiates relaxed elegance but also ensures a no-hassle night. This is such a great choice for moms juggling the demands of both style and a busy schedule.

P.S. Obsessed with the scrunchie in this photo? (Umm, who isn’t?!) Here’s a similar one made from natural linen.

Tip to master the messy low bun: Two words: dry shampoo–and lots of it. That’s the key to nailing this cute, messy bun. 

2. The Half Updo

Photo credit: Eva Pautov

We like to think of the half updo as a hair cheat code. You can literally spice up two-day-old flat and oily hair just by throwing the top half into a cute pony. This hairstyle still gives you that nice and clean “hair down” look but without all the extra hours of washing, drying, and styling your beautiful locks. Busy moms just don’t have the time—grab your go-to scrunchie and call it good.

Tip to master the half updo: Add in some waves to the ends of your hair. This will give it that beachy, effortless look.

3. The Low Pony

Photo credit: Hannah Dempsey

This style is a one-way ticket to instant chic without sacrificing those precious extra minutes of sleep (which we’re sure you appreciate). Simply sweep your locks into a low pony, and voila–you have a hairstyle that screams, "I'm ready for anything." Tantrums, chasing kiddos around, Target runs… you name it. And don’t forget to choose your scrunchie wisely. The bigger and more voluptuous, the better.

Tip to master the low pony: Money pieces are everything with this hairstyle. Pull a few strands of hair out and frame your face to add some spice to your look.

4. The Loose Braid

Photo credit: Kailei Crosland

This look will become your go-to hairstyle for slayin' the day without breaking a sweat. It’s the cute and stylish flair your hair didn't know it needed. With a quick braid and a playful scrunchie twist at the bottom, you're not just tackling the to-do list–you're doing it with style. Unleash your inner braid boss, grab that scrunchie, and don’t forget your coffee on the way out the door.

Tip to master the loose braid: After you’ve braided your hair and secured it with a scrunchie, go back through and gently pull on the sections of hair in the braid. This will loosen it up and create the illusion of a full and dense braid.

5. The Top Knot Bun

Photo credit: Michael Gray Hair

Even on your busiest, oiliest hair days, you can still rock a look that's as fierce as you are. The top knot bun is the magical hair hack that turns chaotic mornings into runway moments–or simple coffee dates with friends. With a little twirl and tie with a scrunchie, you're not just pulling off a top knot… you're mastering the art of "mom chic.” You can handle just about anything with this mom-fave hairstyle.

But there’s something you should know about top knot buns. Typically, this hairstyle goes hand-in-hand with the dirtiest, oiliest hair. It just makes sense–we all do it. Because of this, you want a scrunchie made from anti-bacterial fabric so it doesn’t breed yucky bacteria. It’s critical to find a natural linen scrunchie so the bacteria and the smell stay out. We recommend this soft linen scrunchie made for moms. 

Tip to master the top knot bun: First, secure your top bun with a typical hair tie to keep it in place. Then, take your scrunchie and wrap it around your bun. Lastly, gently pull out loose hairs for that messy look.

Scrunchies Made for Moms

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